What Do We Know About The Megaminx Cube?

One of the more complex forms of cubes in the world of 3D puzzles is the Megaminx. But even though it looks extremely difficult to solve, it is quite easier as compared to the Rubik’s cube. Because of the separate faces and 50 pieces, not every twist or turn changes the entire pattern of the cube. Do you want to learn to solve the Megaminx without the help of a Megaminx solver online

Joining Rubik’s cube classes online can help you build a strong basic foundation of your cubing skills and learn the technique of solving complex cubes like the Megaminx. 

Megaminx: The Mega 3D Puzzle

Megaminx is a dodecahedron 3D puzzle with 12 faces and 50 pieces. It can be dated as old as the original Rubik’s cube. It was invented by Christoph Bandelow and was initially known as the Hungarian supernova. It is a lot easier than the classic Rubik’s cube as because of the multiple faces, a turn here may not change all the faces. Also, the final face can be easily solved with a similar pattern to the 3×3 algorithm. The Megaminx itself comes with a lot of variations like the Starminx II, Kilominx, and the Gigaminx. This complex piece of a 3D puzzle has around 28463 permutations to solve it. 

Learning to solve the Megaminx without the help of an online Megaminx solver is a tough task, but you can ace the skill with online Rubik’s cube classes

Let’s look at the World Champions of the Megaminx Cube

These are the current champions on the leading board of the World Cube Association, who can solve the cube faster than any Megaminx solver online:

  • Juan Pablo Huanqui (27.22)
  • Amos Nordman (28.84)
  • Nicolas Naing (29.22)
  • Ziyu Wu (29.67)
  • Yu Da Hyun ( 30.12)

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