Rubik’s Cube: The Symbolic Celebrity

Have you ever watched a movie that has inspired you to join cube classes online? Many know the Rubik’s Cube only as an educational toy or a 3D puzzle. But do you know that Rubik’s cube has been a star in many movies and series? Yes, the Rubik’s cube has always been a favorite tool for symbolism in popular culture. The world-famous 3D puzzle has been a center of attraction and intrigue for people of all ages and backgrounds. And movies have played a crucial role in enrolling the Rubik’s Cube in the cool club! 

From pop art installations to video games, Rubik’s cube has inspired many! If watching the art of cubing on the big screen has always fascinated you, join Logic 101’s cube classes online! 

The Pursuit Of Happyness: Do you remember the scene from the movie where Smith solves the cube in the taxi to impress Jay Twistle? The director beautifully uses the Rubik’s cube as a metaphor for life. Smith solved the cube and impressed Twistle as a symbolic way of overcoming the obstacles in life and achieving the desired goal. Also, here’s a trivia! Do you know that Will Smith took cubing lessons from professionals in under two minutes for this scene? Learn cubing to impress the Jay Twistle of your life with cube classes online!

The Big Bang Theory: There’s no way that we forget Sheldon’s love for Rubik’s cube when we talk about the cube and pop culture! Isn’t his love for cubing obvious with his Rubik’s cube printed T-shirts and his quirky cube tissue box? When Leonard offered him a tricky cube to keep him busy, our favorite genius solved it in just a few minutes! Poor Leonard! Flaunt your speedcubing skills like Dr. Cooper with cube classes online!

The Speed Cubers: Speedcubing is a worldwide phenomenon today! This 2020 documentary is about the two speedcubing champions Felix Zemdegs and Max Park. It is a must-watch for aspiring cubers who wish to lead the world scoreboard one day! 

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