Megaminx and Other Rubik’s Cube Variants

In the world of 3D puzzles, no other puzzle came nearly as close to the popularity of Rubik’s cube. From the simpler 2×2 and 3×3 to the more complex 5×5 professor’s cube, it has kept our brains engaged in finding ways to solve it. Do you know that there are other cubes too? Yes, there are almost 11 other variants of the Rubik’s cube. One of the most complex ones from the lot is the Megaminx. With 50 sides as compared to Rubik’s 20, you might need the help of an online megaminx solver to get the solution. 

Clear the basics to solve the more complex Megaminx

You must be thorough with the ways to solve a Rubik’s cube first. It sets a strong foundation for your Megaminx training. At Logic 101’s Rubik’s cube classes, you can master the ways to solve the Megaminx. Once you master Logic 101’s Rubik’s cube sessions, you can learn the Megaminx too! With practice and techniques, you will soon start acing the art of solving the megaminx cube without the help of an online megaminx solver. 

What are the other variants of a Rubik’s cube?

You might have already heard the names of some of these variants. Google the names and start picking your next favorite cube to learn after you master Logic 101’s Rubik’s Cube.
  • Greyscale Rubik’s cube
  • Rubik’s Cube Earth
  • Photo Rubik’s cube
  • Magnetic dice cube
  • Sudokube
  • Fentix cube
  • Pyraminx
  • Alexander’s Star
  • Dogic
  • Skweb Diamond 

Logic 101’s Rubik’s Cube Training 

Cubing is one of the coolest skills known in the game world. Finding solutions like a pro without the help of an online megaminx solver is a great feat! Join cube training sessions at Logic 101 to nurture your passion for cubing into an undefeatable skill! With comprehensive and interactive sessions by passionate and professional instructors, start your 3D puzzle saga today.