Pregnancy is the most beautiful journey Pregnancy 101 is here to help you

Pregnancy is an entirely new chapter in their life for every woman. Filled with curiosity and tension your mind must be fixated on multiple queries for which you are looking for answers. With 100’s platforms and information readily available on various search engines, you might get further confused about which diet to take and which prenatal exercise classes to attend for you and your child. We have already experienced the stages you are currently encountering. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, the childbirth educator of Pregnancy 101 will solve every confusion with compassion. Our sessions are an avenue for pregnant women, where they embrace each exercise that nurtures their spirit and mind. From yogic asana to numerous rich diets, our class is not just any prenatal program. We educate moms on the secrets of staying healthy and active. Led by instructors, pregnancy exercise classes keep you prepared for ‘The Day’. We don’t call it classes but a serene sanctuary that empowers you to deal with each trimester smoothly.

What sessions does Pregnancy 101 provide? The 5-point module.

  • Nurturing growth – From a healthy diet, and informative sessions to exercises, you are ready to conquer this new journey.
  • Hypnobirthing – Free yourself from excessive pain and discomfort with immersive hypnobirthing visualization.
  • Look into your inner self – Improve your flexibility and stay calm and composed with zen-like yogic asana.
  • Garb sanskara – Connect with your bundle of joy, and instill values in the little one.
  • Postnatal care – A must! Re-shape your body slowly but steadily.
  • Wellness from anywhere at any time – Ensure mind and body harmony without having to miss your busy schedule and prior commitments.
  • Pregnancy yoga online – Connect with like-minded new mothers, and share your experience in online classes. Build a camaraderie that extends beyond the four walls of the sessions.