Unpuzzle uncommon Rubik Cubes quickly and accurately at Logic 101

The popular 3-dimensional puzzle consists of smaller squares and colors that itch every hand to twist to solve it. The mystery lies in unscrambling the scattered color combinations and bringing the same ones in a row. Since its invention in the late 1900s, it has expanded its reach to every country and city. Is your child facing issues while concentrating on minute tasks? Are they complaining about not completing their homework on time? Logic 101 helps your child quickly adapt to new possibilities and uncover their actual potential. As a symbol of intrigue, it continues to leave a positive effect on every young mind. Enroll your child in comprehensive Rubik’s cube classes – There is no other institute like ours.

Delve into the fundamental aspects of our Cube Masterclasses –

  • One-on-one classes – An interactive session led by a renowned cube master will help you navigate the intricacies and nuances of complex algorithms.
  • Live interaction with Rubik’s cube online classes – Practice makes perfect – We provide live demos to every child, introducing them to the world of cubes.
  • Learn the magic of problem-solving – Overcome the fear of facing problems with holistic and progressive classes.
  • Join the cube army today – From the fundamental slide and drag to the advanced twist and turns, learn it in an easy and fun way.

Hop on top of the exciting experience of Rubik’s learning and the satisfaction of matching colors with Logic 101. Encourage your children to access our online classes so they do not have to hamper their busy schedules. Our flexible courses are customized to fit the needs of every child. From the comfort of your home, join the program anywhere at any time. We do not compromise on the quality of these classes, even if it is online. Staying up to date with technology, we use it to the optimum.