Manual vs. Automated Claims for FBA Reimbursements

Fulfillment By Amazon has always been a go-to choice for third-party sellers. FBA made it easy for so many sellers online by taking up the shipping, storage, and packaging tasks. There is one thing that FBA is infamous for, and it is the frequency of logistical errors. It is a disadvantage that leads to unnoticed monetary loss to the FBA seller. What if you come to know that you can use this disadvantage to maximize your profit? Yes! Amazon FBA reimbursements are the easiest way to seek your money back from Amazon. The Amazon FBA reimbursement policy pretty much covers all the possible little pockets that your money slips into.

Manual or Automated Claims?

There are two ways to go about the reimbursement process. One is manual claims and the other automated ones. The manual process of filing a claim includes downloading several reports and records. A seller then scans through the downloaded files for inconsistencies and reconciliation gaps. They then prepare claims for each case with substantial evidence. This process could take up to a month. Once the claim filing is complete, keeping track of the claim process is also necessary. Reviewing Amazon statements and follow-ups ensure that the seller gets the right amount of Amazon FBA reimbursement. A seller can do it themselves or seek an Amazon consulting agency.

Automated claims are software services that relieve the seller from the monotony of scanning through numerous records. It automates your refund process by reconciling data with the help of software. It saves a lot of time for the seller by speeding up the claim process. The only setback is that Amazon suspends accounts that use automated claim services. Often the claims would end up being invalid because of incorrect data. The seller circles back to manual reviewing of the claims and statements.

Amazon consulting agency: A cost-effective solution

The manual process of going about FBA reimbursements can be tedious and exhausting for you. It takes away from the time you dedicate to other aspects of your business. Rather than wasting time on finding Amazon’s mistakes, hire an Amazon consulting agency to do it for you.

FBA Refunds: Claim What’s Yours

With our efficient manual monitoring and 6-point auditing system, seal all reconciliation gaps. We thoroughly analyze all files to help you claim for the highest refund possible. With accurate, substantial, and valid claims, get the maximum Amazon FBA reimbursement. Our process is well transparent and keeps you up to date about the claim progress. Maximize your profits and reconcile your records with FBA Refunds.