How to process your FBA Inventory Reimbursement?

Wondering what is an FBA inventory reimbursement? Are you an FBA seller who rarely checks and reconciles inventory reports? Uh oh, you just lost a lot of money right behind your back. Amazon accidentally swept away the money that you deserved. When you opt for FBA you send your products to the Amazon warehouse, Amazon handles the further procedures. From storage to packing your items and shipping them to the customer’s doorstep, Amazon fulfills it all. Within the Amazon warehouse, during movement and packing, your items may get misplaced or damaged amongst the colossal operations of Amazon. According to Amazon’s FBA inventory reimbursement policy, you are supposed to be reimbursed with an amount equivalent to the lost or damaged items.

This process of reimbursement by Amazon is often automated, so it may miss out on some payments. If you check and reconcile your FBA inventory reports, you can find out the discrepancies, and claim your money back. An expert Amazon consultant can detect reconciliation gaps and help you get maximized refunds.

How to seek an FBA inventory reimbursement?

  • Login to your seller central account and look for reports under the fulfillment section. On the right side, you will see inventory adjustments
  • Select the time and click on damaged, destroyed, or lost to get the report
  • Convert your report into a spreadsheet for better analysis
  • Set aside or remove the items that Amazon has already reimbursed you for
  • Reconcile and cross-check your inventory report thoroughly to find discrepancies that Amazon may have missed and save the file as .cvs
  • Go to the Contact Us section and click Help
  • Open a new case with Seller Support and demand a refund on the items that are still left to be paid for under the FBA inventory reimbursement policy
  • Write a precise and comprehensive email to Amazon explaining the claim and attach the .csv file
  • With a valid claim, Amazon will respond within 12 hours and initiate the FBA reimbursement process

Why do you need an Amazon consultant?

Scanning through inventory reports is a meticulous and tiring task and you may miss out on some reconciliation tasks due to the monotony. An Amazon consultant can help you find all reconciliation leakages and file a valid claim abiding by the FBA guidelines.

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