How To Click Amazon Ready Photos?

Selling on Amazon is not an easy task. There are so many things to be considered to reach your highest sales potential. One of which is Amazon product photography. One thing that confuses sellers is how to click photos according to Amazon standards and requirements. White background editing and HD images are the keys to getting photos that lead to better sales. With white background editing, you can show a clear, closest-to-reality image of your product. Optimized images have a better chance of selling more and bringing in relevant traffic.

Hire an Amazon product photography service for a cost-efficient way to get Amazon-ready images.

Here are some tips for Amazon product images and white background editing:

  • Make sure that your product images are free of shades or unnecessary dimmed areas. An Amazon-ready photo needs a 100% white background with RGB 255, 255, 255. With photoshop, you can ensure that your picture meets all Amazon requirements.
  • Always use professional lighting and a solid background while clicking product images. A pure white backdrop or a high contrasting green is preferable as it is easy for white background editing.
  • Amazon requires that the product cover 85% of the image area. Your entire product should be visible within the frame.
  • Do not unnecessarily manipulate the images. It is no news that product images need editing and computer manipulation. Make sure that you do not edit the image away from reality. It raises questions about the credibility of the brand.
  • Ensure that the images are 1000 pixels to enable the zoom-in feature on Amazon for customers. It allows them to assess in detail the product they are about to buy.

Why do you need Amazon product photography services?

Clicking for Amazon is not as simple as clicking on your mobile and uploading it. Product photography without professional help may cost you unpolished images. Low-quality images can lead to lesser customer satisfaction and trust. With an Amazon product photography service, get professionally edited and clicked product images.

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