You are not alone in your pregnancy journey Pregnancy 101 is with you

Embark into your new journey with Pregnancy 101 – We celebrate every moment of this new lease of life. Pregnancy 101 is not just a center, but it’s your family. We are here to guide you in each trimester. Led by experienced instructors and childbirth specialists, we have crafted a wholesome environment for each expected mother, where they communicate their feelings and share their experiences. We encourage mothers to interact with each other for a healthy bond – Only a mother can understand another mother.

Pregnancy exercise classes – Prenatal yoga classes offer a sanctuary of exercises, each thoughtfully curated keeping your condition in mind. We do not strain your body too much, these exercises are safe for you and your baby. It boosts cardiovascular health and promotes healthy fetal growth. Keeping the fetus in the right place ensures you have a natural delivery. In this stage, it is crucial to stay active and fit. It is a misconception that exercising is harmful. Pregnancy 101 wants to cultivate an environment where mothers can engage in a spectrum of movements. We do let these myths affect you.

In this digital space, mothers can attend our online prenatal exercise classes from the convenience of their homes. Instructors tap into the physical and hormonal changes your baby goes through to craft workout sessions that work best for you. You are not just clients, you hold a special place in your hearts. Being mothers ourselves, we exactly know what your body needs – With exercise, we also suggest a well-balanced diet that infuses every essential nutrient that keeps a healthy emotional balance.

Pregnancy 101 prenatal yoga online classes are not limited to just workouts, it includes hypnobirthing and informative sessions. You have ten questions and we are you one solution.