Boost your cognitive capacities with comprehensive Rubik’s Cube classes

Is your child intrigued by the multiple patterns and colors of the Rubik’s Cube? Going beyond its shape and patterns, did you know it was more than just a piece of a puzzle? It can delve into the minds of children to unlock their true learning abilities. The cube mirrors the challenges that life throws at us. Instead of fear, we can face them with grit and confidence. Logic 101 crafts Rubik’s Cube classes that engage the children and help them understand the wonders of manipulating each twist and turn. From enhancing critical thinking to spatial reasoning, it also instills confidence and offers creative awakening. Enjoy the pure bliss of solving not one but thirty different types of uncommon cubes.

Since Covid, we have stressed providing online classes to those wanting to learn from the comfort of their surroundings. You can access our course from anywhere at any time. Whether you are new to the wonders of this puzzle or you aim to champion this puzzle, our trained instructors will guide you step by step till you learn the a,b, and c of this complicated tool.

The timeless classic tool, the online cube solver 3×3, will spark curiosity in young minds. With different patterns and colors, this user-friendly pattern, with a drag and slide, you can unravel the layers of mystery. Our cube masters will teach your child to master complex algorithms. Minimize counts and maximize solving with comprehensive solutions. Our classes are customized to meet every need and requirement of your child. We solve every query and question their inquisitive minds hold. Once they join our class, they will never want to leave – You will be surprised to see your child attend every class without fail.