Upgrade Your Collection with FAMETEK’s Functional Doctor Who Merchandise

Are you an ardent Doctor Who fan? Does your collection of Doctor Who merchandise contain only non-functional pieces like table-top Daleks or TARDIS posters? How about you add more value to your Doctor Who memorabilia with functional collectibles like FAMETEK’s licensed Doctor Who TARDIS Qi wireless charger! Flaunt your fandom with purposeful Doctor Who merchandise. 

If you are an audiophile who loves to listen to music on the bus, or at the gym, get the Doctor Who headphones for immersive and excellent audio quality. 

FAMETEK’s Doctor Who TARDIS Qi Wireless Charger

FAMETEK’S licensed Doctor Who TARDIS Qi wireless charger is the next best collectible you can add to your collection. With the stunning TARDIS design, the Doctor Who TARDIS Qi wireless charger is the perfect functional collectible that can add that sci-fi touch to your life. The LED illuminated logo indicates and lights up when charging. All you need to do is to put your phone to charge on the pad and that’s it, easy and hassle-free charging! Place it on the Qi pad and get powerful charging that gets you ready for the day! There’s no need to remove the cover of your phone as the Qi pad inductively charges through most lightweight cases. It’s convenient and fandom at its best! 

FAMETEK’s Doctor Who Wired Headphones

Audio engineered by Massive Audio, the FAMETEK Doctor Who headphones offer the best sound quality. With a noise-canceling microphone, it allows you to speak clearly on calls, game streaming, and more! Get immersive audio that lets you enjoy your favorite music and podcasts at any time and anywhere. With a glossy finish and leather earpads, rule out the pain of small earphones and get a comfortable audio experience. Also, skip the trouble of detangling your earphones with the tangle-free flat cable of Doctor Who headphones. And, the best part is you get a bag for your headphones with the cool Doctor Who TARDIS logo on it! 

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Along with your favorite Doctor Who collectibles, get the best functional Star Trek merchandise. Be the star at your next comic con with cool and purposeful Doctor Who headphones and wireless chargers.