5- Most-Loved Tattoo Symbols Carried Gracefully By Ladies

Tattoos are not the hot favorite fashion accessories for all fashion-loving women across the globe. You can visit the pmu shop to buy your chosen ink to get the best tats on your body.

Here, we have enlisted the five common but the most-loved body arts that women carry gracefully. Most importantly we have the intention to throw some light on the meanings of these symbols. Have a look-

Lord Ganesha

Better known as the Elephant God in the West, Lord Ganesha is the Hindu God of prosperity and commercial success. Tattooing the Elephant god in much in vogue these days!


Young women are in love with this bohemian body decoration designed with string and twine, with lots of jewels, beads, leather straps, and feathers. Before, it became a tattoo art dreamcatchers were mainly used as a wall or window decoration. The symbolic meaning of it is protection.

Fleur de Lis

This three lily petal symbol is traced back in the ancient Mesopotamian civilization, almost thousand years back. Later on, the symbol was predominant in the French Monarchy. Entomologically, the meaning stands for light, life, and perfection- the three petals. Today, many stylish women get this tattoo on their back, arms and even upper-hips area.

The Double infinity

The infinity symbol is a popular tattoo design for its encouraging meaning of never-ending hope, love, dreams possibilities and so on. The double infinity maybe multiplies the concept and most importantly it has a background. The symbol means “infinity times infinity”. Now, this is often noted on the wrists of many women and men as well.


The Lotus symbolizes spiritual awakening, resilience, and pureness in the spirit, mind, and body. It has enrooted the Buddhism as well. The flower depicts its origin in the mud and its growth towards the sun. You can buy perma blend ink ingredients to get the best Mandala or Lotus tattoo on your body.