Nail your Amazon Product Photography with These Perfect Tips

You are assumedly here because you are on your way to launching your amazon product and looking for tips on doing it right. Launching a product online for sale is a lengthy process as it involves many aspects of digital marketing, and your product must look good while all the other factors work themselves out. You can’t afford to wait long for a worthy photoshoot of your product, or you will be left with hasty choices. 

If you haven’t done this before, a product photoshoot might be challenging to organize; you don’t want tedious results after all. Never worry; we have excellent tips for you to make your product photography and amazon photo editing task work like a charm. 

What Product Photos Can Do Is Magic!

You want your product to capture the customer’s mind at one glance. Quite a time-saving shortcut to abridge the gap between your potential customer and your product is showcasing what the product looks like. Emphasis must be given on the worth-flaunting features of it. Product photography not only creates confidence in your product, but it also lets the customers have a look into your bag of offerings. 

Visually showing your customers what they get if they purchase your product can efficiently result in their decision of further browsing or purchasing with you. Here’s what product shoot does for your business:

– Creates engagement of customers with your brand

– Boosts conversion rates

– Increases chances for Brand loyalty in your customers

– Proper optimization of your branding techniques

The Question You Ask Yourself Is Why You’re Doing It

Before you start setting up to promote your product on the online marketplace, you must intimate the photography service you choose about your ulterior motive. While making a plan for your product photo shoot, the first thing you must check is whether your chosen online market platform has any prescribed guidelines for the product photo listing. 

Amazon product photography has some strict technical guidelines on product photography, but it is no challenge for a marketing service agency. For the photographic sequence of each commodity, there are often quite precise instructions for image files. The high-quality resolution of the Amazon photos is required because it enables buyers to zoom in and zoom out into the branded product photo.

Amazon product photography does not allow low-quality images to be uploaded on the product listing as their potentiality of creating sales is relatively low. You are putting up pictures is because you don’t want your buyers to go through all the trouble of reading long texts in the product description box. As customers purchase only if they like it, it becomes crucial for every brand to understand the sincerity while planning their photoshoot. Your product image can display your brand in the customer’s eyes and acts as a great way of utilizing enhanced brand content.  

If you are unsure about what photos you wish to use for your product branding, you can search online for suggestions, or you can leave it up to your photographer because capturing the best details of the product is their forte.

You are not wrong when you expect everything best for your product; after all, your name is attached. Here we have listed some tips you must keep in mind while explaining your photographer about your expectations.

A High-Resolution Image Is Your Lucky Charm!

Products do not speak themselves; you have to make the photos speak for your products. No one hears something that doesn’t match their interest. Similarly, your product photo must showcase all they are looking for your customers to open your product image and explore what you got. 

High-resolution doesn’t always mean more money; it means professional expert touch. Only expert photographers can make your product look amazingly attractive by using appropriate tools and techniques for capturing the best qualities and displaying them for customers’ preview.

One thing you must remember is, your customer is a user and not a product manufacturer like you. Try and keep it simple for your users to understand rather than make it technical by showing more images of the products’ internal technical parts.

Manage the Product Size You Display

Amazon product listing demands the truthful appearance of products, just like a product infographic. So, make sure your image illustrates your product in an appropriate size to avoid misguidance and misrepresentation for your customers.

It is often noticed that many sellers on online marketplaces post photos that show different product sizes. When the customers receive the actual product, it is not the size they expected. This is unfair to customers as every brand must keep customers’ satisfaction at the center. 

Ask your photographer to make their best effort in capturing and showing the real size of products. 

Posting Products on A White Background Is A Pre-Requisite!

You being a seller, must have noticed most of the product images listed on amazon have a white background. Want to know why amazon emphasizes posting products on a white background?

– It creates focus and eliminates distraction

– It makes your product consistent with all other products listed, to promote the fair chance to every brand

– It showcases professional behavior, and white facilitates peaceful transactions.

If you are unsure if this photography plan would best suit your product, try posting some products on a white background and seeing yourself.

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