Beat the Limitation of Product Description with Amazon EBC

Amazon registered brand sellers and vendors are allotted a product details page for mentioning and describing their products’ essential features and functions. Amazon grants limited slots for such product description pages, so it becomes difficult for sellers to fit all the details in one section. Due to this limitation, Amazon has introduced an extended feature called enhanced brand content that helps attaching additional product information with specialized content, including images, infographics, text, and videos. This is widely known as Amazon EBC and is used by thousands of registered brands on Amazon. Amazon enhanced brand content makes it easier for customers to know almost everything about products they are considering to purchase. 

Most questions coming to customers’ minds are answered by enhanced brand content because it provides information just like a salesperson would do at a physical store. EBC is capable of driving the customer’s purchasing decision and reduces the chances of dissatisfaction. EBC conveys all necessary details about the features, functions, process of use, ingredients, warranty details, the material used, and suitability suggestions. EBC feature is openly available to Amazon 3rd party (3P) registered sellers and also those sellers who have re-applied for registration with Amazon 2.0 version.

What Is Under the Skin Of EBC?

As of now, Amazon EBC is open and free for brand registered sellers on Amazon, which might change in the future. Amazon’s enhanced brand content is under a promotional phase, for now, so sellers using it now have the best benefit as to the cost. 

Amazon enhanced brand content is not just a feature; it is a means to higher profitability and conversion of prospects. EBC entails several benefits (pros) that are rather impossible to achieve with the simple but limited product description section. This outstanding feature of Amazon offers your brand just the acceleration it requires in the online world.

Display the product’s essential features – Give your brand a chance to stand out by highlighting the best features your product possesses. This enables you to fully convey your information that product description wouldn’t let you do.

Choose your target market – Amazon is your chance to impress the buyers, so make sure you portray your product before the relevant target audience; otherwise, you will be overlooked. EBC intends to convey a relevant message to a relevant audience. 

Enhance your conversion rates – If the stats and figures to date are believed, most sellers who have used EBC Amazon feature have seen remarkable growth in their conversions. The audience requires accurate and full details, which EBC successfully offers. Products reach to the intellectual minds of buyers through EBC and drive the decision of purchase.

EBC is manageable all-the-time – Once you have entered your content, it doesn’t leave your hand. You can add, remove, edit content as you like even after it is published. 

Lessened Product returns – Customers generally return products because they ordered what they saw online but are not satisfied with what they received. Since buyers get explained details through EBC Amazon, they can make an informed decision, which reduces the chances of dissatisfaction and returns of the purchased product.

Sellers can build brand awareness – Customers tend to remember those brands that convey more detailed information on the product. So, with EBC, your buyers will remember you and recommend you further.

Steps to Follow While Creating Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon allows only registered brand sellers to avail of enhanced brand content features. Sellers can access their seller’s central accounts and try making their own designs. But many sellers have tried this and failed miserably. To save your time, it is recommended that you avail professional assistance for EBC and Amazon product listing optimization services. All you have to do is get in touch with digital marketing agencies like e-store Factory, sit back and relax.

Enhanced brand content designing services are one-of-a-kind. Experts work on creating and adding content for your product detail page in just a simple process:

  1. The first step involves sellers sharing their product and unique selling proposition with the experts
  2. Experts work on the USP and curate a draft of personalized content and present it to the client (sellers).
  3. Sellers suggest changes after reviewing the draft so that the designers can make modifications for the final content
  4. The final step is; the designers make live your enhanced brand content on the Amazon product page for your customers to view.

What to Avoid When Creating EBC?

Amazon requires sellers to follow specific guidelines, failing which, their EBC approval can be adversely affected. 

– Using content that is protected by copyright and trademark or third-party logos

– Publishing or declaring extra shipping or contact details like “free shipping” or “contact us on…”

– Displaying lifestyle images not containing the product listed

– Adding tags like “best product” or “on sale,” etc.

– Mentioning customer reviews or feedbacks from Amazon or any other online site.

– Using third party taglines or quotes already used in TV shows and movies

– Using blurred photographs or low-resolution images that make the text or main content illegible

– Using duplicate content or assuring warranties and guarantees

– Products are shown in use for criminal activities or unlawful acts

– Adding web links or tags leading or redirecting to other websites outside Amazon

– Overuse of Bold, Italic, and Underlined words other than the purpose of headings and a few keywords. Grammatical errors, punctuation errors, or use of abusive words shall lead to disapproval of EBC.


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