Major Issues Faced By Retailers Concerning Their Inventory During Shipping And Processing Products

Amazon is a logistical nightmare. The sheer numbers involved in the day-to-day work are astronomical. To keep such a vast operation running smoothly, Amazon has to take care of a lot of things. This becomes very important for the small retailers who use it to sell their products worldwide, as they run on very tight margins, and small discrepancies can mean big losses for them. In this blog, we will focus on the major problems the small retailers face during shipping and processing their products through Amazon.

Nightmare of missing inventories at Amazon

There are many occasions when the products go missing from the inventories at the storage facilities at Amazon. The size of these storage facilities is huge, and errors are made unintentionally. In such scenarios, the retailers have to follow a standardized procedure to comply with all the rules of Amazon to track their missing items. In case of shipments missing inventories to Amazon go through below factors. 

The retailers need to focus on the following factors:

  • Check for the correct fulfillment center address
  • Check the ID of the shipment
  • See if it has been 14 days, as that’s how long it sometimes takes for the entire process
  • Was the product properly packed before being shipped
  • Check the sales records for the inventory items in question

There are over 3 million retailers worldwide who use Amazon to sell their products. If you are one of them, you have to be patient. Ensuring the points mentioned above are thoroughly checked will help track your lost inventory.

How to process the claims of amazon reimbursement for missing products?

Again there is a standardized procedure that a retailer must follow to get refunds from Amazon. Some third-party services take care of such issues, for money, of course. A retailer must prevent such situations from arising in the first place to avoid getting stuck. The need for amazon reimbursement only arises when,

• Damaged products get shipped

• Items in the inventory are missing

• Overcharged FBA fees

• Items damaged while in storage

• Lost or misplaced inventory

If retailers are able to prevent the above situations, they can save themselves a lot of trouble.