Best Practices For Small Retailers To Follow While Managing Their Inventory Through Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms. This also translates into a logistic nightmare considering the numbers involved in that process. It is estimated that the number of small retailers who use Amazon to sell their products is over 3 million the world over.

Keeping that in mind, imagine how many transactions Amazon must be doing every day. To accomplish that is a huge logistical problem for them, and they make mistakes. The problem for small retailers is that they run on very tight margins, and a single error can result in a massive loss for them. However, a seller can use specific services at Amazon to rectify such problems and get back on track. In this blog, we will discuss two services that small retailers can use to get their dues back from Amazon.

What are Amazon Inventory Reconciliation Services?

This special service section at Amazon focuses primarily on the inventory handling of the retailers using Amazon. The major issues that are addressed here are,

  • It provides a complete gist of a seller’s sales and inventory for a specific time period
  • It gives an analytical overview of the sales and growth of a seller
  • Sellers can track all their products here 
  • Sellers can follow the latest market trends in various industries for their specific inventory items

This department at Amazon is instrumental for the retailers to keep track of all the product interactions through the ecommerce giant. The purpose of Amazon Inventory Reconciliation Services is to make the inventory management flow as smooth as possible.

How do Amazon seller refunds work?

The refunds for shoppers and sellers are not treated the same at Amazon for obvious reasons. There are specific protocols for small retailers to follow to get Amazon refunds. There are many reasons for a seller to be owed money from Amazon like,

  • Missing or lost inventory
  • Damaged inventory
  • Shipping issues
  • Overcharging 

These are the significant reasons. The amazon seller refunds are something the small retailers should keep a close watch for. They can be a big part of the monetary pipeline for them!