Know Why Your Body Loves Electrolyte Drinks?

The human body is 70% water and we all need water to survive. There is enough water available around us to help us stay hydrated, however, our bodies get dehydrated from time to time due to various reasons. Sports persons usually feel dehydrated after a rigorous exercise session and this is when they would opt for electrolyte drinks for instant replenishment of lost water from the body during the workout. Electrolytes are minerals added to the water in order to ensure better and faster absorption of water in the cells.

What is the Best Electrolyte Drink?

There are many types of electrolyte drinks and powders available in the market. They are made from natural mineral sources. Electrolytes are substances that produce either positive or negative charges after being dissolved in water. This helps the proper absorption of water and other minerals in the cells. The best electrolyte drink is the one having the right amount of minerals, easy to carry, fun to drink, and easy on the pocket. There are electrolyte powders available in the market too, that can be carried along in large quantities and used by dissolving in water as per the need. Such powders remain fresh for longer time as compared to ready drinks. ß

What is Natural Electrolyte Replacement?

 Experts believe that getting your electrolytes from natural sources will help in the long run. There are foods like citrus fruits, watermelon, poultry, coconut water, and many juicy fruits that act as powerhouses of natural electrolytes. Though we are used to getting natural electrolytes through our food and drink choices, it is still recommended to carry the natural electrolyte replacement to avoid dehydration on a sunny day or after a rigorous workout. Many electrolyte drinks and powders are available online for various electrolyte requirements. Based on your taste and electrolyte needs, you should select from readymade drinks or powders.

Check out for more affordable options as some sellers would also offer good discounts when purchasing the electrolytes in larger quantities.