Join pregnancy yoga classes at Pregnancy 101 – We take care of you and your baby. 99.9%

As an expectant mother, we understand you might feel mixed sentiments of excitement and anxiety. Take a deep breath, and do not question yourself, it is normal to feel so. Being a mother of two adorable children, Rita Singha, the founder of Pregnancy 101 brings to you her expertise on the childbearing journey. You are not alone in this we are here for you. For every query you might have in your mind, we are here to solve all of them. Pregnancy 101, founded by Woman Just for Women, caters especially for expecting mothers.

Originating from the Indus Valley Civilisation in 400 CE, this practice was crafted by ancient yogis and gurus. Its benefits have transcended generations. In this fast-paced and with more and more people adopting diverse lifestyles, we tend to put our health in the backseat. Yoga sessions for expectant moms are crafted to guide them to keep an active and healthy lifestyle during their expecting journey. While encouraging relaxation and reducing stress, our pregnancy yoga classes will assist you to improve physical strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. Pregnant women can practice mild, safe yoga poses in these classes with some modifications and adaptations to account for the changes in their bodies. For mothers who want to exercise from the comfort of their homes, we provide our prenatal yoga online classes, available at flexible times.

Postnatal care – After the child’s delivery, your body requires umpteen rest and care. At Pregnancy 101, we look into every aspect of your health and your child’s care. Our postnatal care program involves a healthy diet to exercise. At Pregnancy 101 we emphasise how gentle workouts combined with a well-balanced nutritious diet can. Pregnancy 101 keeps mothers’ and children’s health at top priority, offering assistance and resources for a quick recovery and smooth transition to parenting.