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Learn the art of solving complex puzzles with Logic 101. Explore the wonders of learning the Rubik’s cube – With every twist, you unravel a new mystery. Long gone are the days when the Rubik’s cube was perceived to be just a toy. It has come to be a powerful tool that enhances cognitive reasoning and develops the left brain. As your child grows, they have to engage in different physical and mental activities that require utmost confidence and concentration. In modern times with advances in social media, games, and other online experiences, your child is exposed to content that hampers healthy cognitive development. It is observed that more than 55% of children are active on their phones. At Logic 101 our cube masters train children to shift their focus on productive learning by guiding them to solve the Rubik’s cube in a fun and engaging way.

Whether you are a newbie or it is your first interaction with the cube, our classes are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of every child. Our team of leading cube matters holds the ability and mastery to solve complex patterns and puzzles that keep you at the top of your game. Unlike the conventional 3*3*3 solving techniques, we have developed different ways of solving different cubes. Rubik’s cube solving is more than just solving puzzles, it prepares your child to face every challenge and complexity with confidence and ease.

Join our comprehensive Rubik’s Cube online classes, and learn at your convenience and comfort. Logic 101 leases can easily access our classes from mobiles, laptops, tablets, or desktops. The cube masters engage your children with interactive online sessions and resources. Learn at the pace you wish to, we do not rush any child. Receive your certificate after completing every level of our 5-point program. Unleash your true confidence by joining Logic 101 Rubik’s Cube classes.