How to Handle FBA Returns?

As an FBA seller, one of the notifications that you dread must be those of unwanted FBA returns. Especially when you are a new seller, worries regarding negative feedback, defective items, brand reputation, etc. can ruin your peaceful sleep. While Amazon FBA will manage your FBA returns process, you must start thinking about how to reduce customer returns. Start questioning why there is an increase in the number of returns, what is the reason behind the rising customer dissatisfaction? Feedbacks and reviews can help you get answers to the questions. Reasons for FBA returns can vary from product quality, incorrect shipment quantity, or damaged items.

Here are some ways to reduce customer returns:

  • Use Amazon tools like SEO and EBC for the optimal conveyance of information. It provides customers with clear product information like features with images and infographics. It ensures that customers make informed and final purchases and reduces the chances of returns.
  • Use HD product images with white background to showcase your item. To ensure that your images are clear and according to Amazon guidelines, avail of Amazon image editing services. With Amazon image editing services, you can click and edit Amazon-ready images that transparently convince customers to make a confident purchase.
  • Price your products competitively to attract customers to your product listings. Ensure that your inventory is well stocked and maintain high product quality.
  • Go through your product reviews periodically and pay heed to customer concerns and feedback. Get rid of negative reviews on your product detail page as Amazon allows you to do so. Work on the suggestions and feedback to enhance your product quality.

How to handle FBA returns?

  • Keep your Amazon FBA returns notification on and periodically check for emails about returns.
  • If a customer does not return an item within the stipulated 45 day period, seek an FBA reimbursement.
  • Through your seller account, check the reason stated for customer returns and work on the feedback to maintain your positive reviews.

Manage your FBA returns with FBA Refunds

While you focus on customer feedback and product quality, help you with your FBA returns and order fulfillment concerns. With cost-effective solutions, comprehensive auditing, and reimbursement claims, we provide you with a satisfactory and rewarding FBA experience.