How has Amazon FBA Inventory Reimbursement Changed Post Covid-19?

With the onset of the pandemic, the world has changed and completely shifted to online platforms. For Amazon sellers, it has become a great opportunity to improve sales volume with the increasing tendency of customers to choose online shopping over offline shopping. But, COVID-19 has also bought about grim economic and financial instability, and in such times of despair, Amazon FBA inventory reimbursements come handy for many sellers as an extra source of income to strengthen their funds. 

In the light of the uncertain financial trends, Amazon consulting can help you make robust strategies that can avert any untoward blow to your Amazon account health. 

What are the changes by Amazon for Amazon FBA inventory reimbursements during COVID-19?

Due to the circumstances of the time, Amazon has extended the claim window for Amazon FBA reimbursements. With relaxed claim windows, Amazon FBA sellers can seek and file for Amazon FBA inventory reimbursements without having to worry about missing the usual claim deadlines. It will allow sellers enough time to file substantial claims so that they do not have to bear the loss for any damaged or misplaced inventory units.

Amazon has also paused manual clawbacks for impacted sellers for an undefined notice of time. It will minimize the impact on cash flow for sellers whose sales have been affected by more than 50% in April 2021 as compared to the previous 4 months in 2021. 

As a means of helping Amazon sellers secure their Amazon account health, Amazon has addressed the need to proactively process current and pending Amazon FBA inventory reimbursements. 

With Amazon consulting services, you can cope with the latest changes and make flexible Amazon strategies. 

Here’s why you need Amazon consulting for your FBA reimbursements

Studies and data regarding FBA inventory management have proven that on average, sellers find up to 2-4% discrepancies in their Amazon inventory reports. While this data sounds minuscule, in the long run, it will become a money leakage and loss for the seller. Timely Amazon FBA inventory reimbursements with the right Amazon consulting can save your money.     

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