How To Create Eye-Catchy Product Infographics?

Let’s begin with a small example to understand why product infographics are an effective way to boost conversions. If you keep a book with only text and another book with text and colorful pictures, a child will inherently choose the second book. This is because human brains are wired to incline towards the visual appeal. Let’s say there are two product listings for a pizza peel, one with a product infographic and the other one with just textual description. Customers will trust the first listing more as it offers instant and digestible product information in a very interesting manner. 

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Here’s how you can create compelling product infographics:

Creative content: Write short and crisp content for the infographics that quickly convey the key features of your product. Mention the size, special features, and other key highlights that will persuade customers to buy your product. 

Experiment with fonts: Choose fonts to match well with your product category. Try stylish fonts for luxury items and more bold fonts for electronic products. Make sure that the texts are readable and of the perfect size. 

Choose the right colors: Product infographics talk not just about the product but also about your brand story. Avoid using tacky colors and choose shades that look professional and aesthetic. With the help of the best graphic designing and e-commerce product photography in Melbourne, you can choose the perfect color palette for your infographics. 

Avoid mess: Do not try to stuff in too many pictures or texts in the product infographic. Try to keep a balance between the information and graphics for an appealing symmetrical look. Keep 20 pixels distance between the elements for a neat layout. 

Use labels and icons: Add label tags to the key features of your product and add attractive icons to emphasize the benefits of the products.

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