7 Tips To Help Newbies With Amazon Product Research

Setting up an Amazon business is not easy. One of the most important steps that you need to begin a successful business on Amazon is Amazon product research. Finding the right product to sell that brings you maximum profit is the key to digital success. 

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What is Amazon product research?

It is the process of analyzing and researching market trends, the pattern of top-selling products, customer buying trends, and competitor strategies to find a profit-yielding product. The aim is to find a product that is available to the seller at the lowest price and to sell it at the highest possible profit ratio. With Amazon’s ever-widening network, growing brand competition and customer base, as a new seller, you cannot risk choosing the wrong product. 

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Here are a few Amazon product research tips for newbie sellers on Amazon:

  • Keep your creative genius active and try to bring innovations to already existing products with the help of your supplier.
  • Do not make the mistake of undermining the importance of keyword research. 
  • If competitor listings are not very good, use it as a golden chance to improve your future listings to gain better SERP rankings.
  • Initially during your Amazon product research, go for small and lighter products that will help you curb FBA costs.
  • As a newbie seller, it is wise to eye on products with a best seller rank of 5000 or lower. 
  • Avoid experimenting with seasonal products and go for products that have a stable demand perennially.
  • Reviews are one of the best tools to strengthen your Amazon product research strategy. Scan through competitor reviews to understand customer buying and demand patterns.

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