Get Your Money Back With Amazon FBA Reimbursements Plan

The ease of selling with Amazon

Are you a seller who has been listing his products on Amazon? The seller of any product has to go through many things; from satisfying customers’ needs and striving for that perfect rating for receiving the Amazon’s Choice badge, and often sacrificing their money due to a delivered product that got damaged during the shipping.

With Amazon FBA inventory reimbursement, you can give yourself a break from this hassle. There are cases when even Amazon needs to reimburse your money due to their mistakes. Yes,  you read it right! You can claim your money by checking into Amazon sellers account and claim your Amazon seller refund with the flexible policies that Amazon provides you being the pioneer of e-commerce websites all over the world.

This refund policy for sellers is applicable to the products that come under Amazon FBA inventory reimbursements. Here, FBA stands for Fulfillment By Amazon. Amazon takes responsibility for the products that are kept in and sent from its inventories.

It should be noted that to claim Amazon FBA reimbursement, the sellers have to notify Amazon from their own end. On a day to day basis, Amazon is involved in packaging and shipping of millions of orders from its inventories. This entire process involves a considerable strength of employees and machines; hence it is not surprising to see a product getting damaged or being lost while it is kept in their warehouses or sometimes by a carrier that works on behalf of Amazon. They also offer to replace your product with a new one.

Does That Mean You Can Claim For Amazon FBA Inventory Reimbursement For Any Product?

One cannot claim for an Amazon seller refund as per their wishes. There is eligibility criteria for it, which you must check before claiming a reimbursement.

  • The product must be registered under FBA policy at the time of damage or loss.
  • The product must follow FBA product requirements and restrictions as well as FBA inventory requirements.
  • The number of items and quantities must be the same as mentioned in the shipping plan.
  • The item is not damaged by the customer or defective from your end.
  • The item which you are claiming an Amazon seller refund for should not be at a state of pending disposal or disposed of at your request or since Amazon has received the right to dispose of it.
  • The most crucial point to be noted is that your Amazon sellers account should be in a normal state at the time when your claim is made for a damaged or lost product.

Now, there are various situations where you can claim for Amazon FBA reimbursement.

  • If the item gets lost from the Amazon warehouse for any reason, after you have shipped it from your end, then you can claim for a refund from Amazon. Since Amazon has a vast inventory set-up, sometimes products may also get replaced with another seller’s inventory.
  • Your items that are registered under Amazon FBA services may get damaged during shipping by Amazon or other carriers. You can look up at Amazon seller central damaged inventory report to check for information about your damaged items.

Do not forget to have a look at Amazon FBA’s lost and damaged policy to ensure whether your product is eligible for a refund or not.

  • The best part about e-commerce websites that customers love is the ease of returning a product if they do not like it or receive a damaged one. At Amazon, since they need to maintain a responsible relationship with its sellers as well, there are several occasions when a seller can claim to get a refund for;

when the customer receives the refund but did not return the item when the customer returns the item, but for some reason, it did not reach back at the inventory, etc.

  • There are times when there is an error with the product quantities that a customer receives. Sometimes they ordered two quantities of an item and received three. And, when asked, the customer refuses to return the product.

Or, sometimes, they order more but receive lesser than that. In such cases, it is advisable to keep an eye on the details of the products you have sold with Amazon. If there is an error, catch it and notify Amazon to get your Amazon seller refund.

How Is The Amazon FAB Reimbursement Value Calculated?

Now, let’s talk about the crucial part. The value of reimbursement for your FBA item depends on various factors.

Since the prices of the products fluctuate from time to time and seller-to-seller, Amazon decides upon an estimated price value while issuing your refund.  Some of the factors on which your refund value is considered are:

  • The current price listing of your product on Amazon.
  • The average of amount of price at which you have been selling that product on Amazon for the past 90 days.
  • The same product’s average price is calculated with several other sellers who sell a similar item.
  • Also, an average of the price at which other sellers have been selling a similar item for the past 365 days is calculated.

This is an excellent policy from which every seller should benefit, provided you need to be well-aware of your product information and keep track of your shipments.