Ensure a healthy fetus growth with Pregnancy 101

Every mother is special when she steps into a new self when she conceives a child. She starts thinking more about her child than herself. The mother takes a new birth when she gives birth to a new life. The woman existed, but the mother never. A mother is something new”- Rajneesh. Pregnancy 101 caters to every need and requirement of the mother and her child. Rita Singha, our founder, started this center with a mindset to guide every mother to happy childbirth. Beginning her journey in the incredible landscape of Australia, this journey continues to the arcane and myriad lands of India.

Pregnancy yoga classes – Join our yoga classes which are available both offline and online. We focus on low-impact exercises that relieve your body from pain and stress. Our sessions are not just about the workout, it stimulates pain management with our HypnoBirthing and information sessions. Pregnancy 101 is exclusively committed to cater to expectant mothers. From workout sessions to meditative classes, these carefully crafted sessions help mothers engage their minds and bodies for holistic development. Relieve pain, reduce stress, and rebuild your bodily strength. Prenatal classes go beyond the practice of postures or breathwork, they carve a haven of tranquility that empowers new mothers and connects the body to their souls. If you are facing issues in coming to our center, we have for your prenatal yoga online classes. With a switch, you can immerse yourself in the world of fitness and care.

Postnatal care

After childbirth, mothers enter a new world where they take care of every physical and spiritual aspect of their baby. We have seen people relegate postnatal care to just exercises and rebuilding core strength while it includes multiple facets. We will provide you with every insight into a healthy diet that will help you regain your shape safely.