Embark on your new journey of Rubik’s Cube solving with Logic 101

Immerse your child in the wonderland of Rubik’s cube solving with Logic 101. Conquer every challenge like a pro and explore every tip and trick to manipulate each color and turn. Our cube master will teach you every step empowering children to navigate 30 distinct types of uncommon cubes. It seems just a simple drag and slide, but it can get even more complex. From basic technique solving to advanced algorithms, Logic 101 ensures an engaging and rewarding experience. There is nothing like the satisfaction of solving every turn. Rubik’s Cube classes teach young minds to move in every phase of life with perseverance and confidence.

Let us explore the cube master classes –

This 2-level program is crafted by our cube masters allowing children to boost their critical and problem-solving capabilities. Do not limit their creative aspects at this young age children are bombarded with unique ideas and thoughts. Their grasping capacity is at its peak and they are intrigued by new concepts. We have crafted custom-made solutions and comprehensive classes for every child. They will never wish to skip a class.

How are Cube Master classes different from any other program –

  • Maximize lateral cognitive powers and charge your mind for every task with a flick of a wrist.
  • Supercharge your confidence – Decoding each turn gives a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in solving a combination of patterns. Similarly, it teaches the child to overcome the fear of competition and showcase their best self.
  • Enter into the community of cube masters – Logic 101 provides young minds with the perfect platform to communicate with a global landscape. It fosters an atmosphere where individuals help each other to achieve their goals.
  • Practice makes perfect – Keep turning and twisting till the same colors are in line.

Those who cannot attend the physical classes can enroll in Rubik’s Cube online lessons. Now you can attend your favorite programs with just a click. What are you waiting for, join Rubik’s Cube online classes.