Enjoy every trimester of your pregnancy journey with Pregnancy 101

Pregnancy is truly a transformative journey for a woman, it is her second birth. In this life-altering stage, it is crucial to look after the expectant mother and the bundle of joy growing in her belly. Pregnancy 101 brings to you our holistic prenatal and postnatal online classes crafted especially for you. Founded by Rita Singha, a leading pregnancy and childbirth expert lays its roots in guiding mothers to help them sail through this journey with zero fear. Pregnancy brings with it a multitude of emotions of excitement, anticipation, happiness and other mixed feelings. As a mother herself, she knows how soon-to-be parents get bombarded with zillions of questions. Don’t worry! Pregnancy 101 is the key book to all your queries. We are just like your family, helping you throughout your trimester and future. Join the hands of leading specialists – Your nine-month journey will be one to remember.

The engine of Pregnancy 101 starts with us shedding light on the intricacies of pregnancy, the physical and mental shift, importance of well-balanced dietary plans to guide mothers on how to keep their bodies and minds nourished. What to eat, which exercise to focus on, everything we will tell you. One team has many solutions. Motherhood is a celebration. We are the beacon of expertise and the key to knowledge from labour to the day of delivery.

Pregnancy yoga classes – Pregnancy is the onset of a mother’s new life and with her, she needs to take care of both her mental and physical being, and that of her inner joy. Our pregnancy yoga classes are crafted to engage mothers in gentle bodily movements to improve fetal position and nourish the body keeping it flexible. At Pregnancy 101, we focus on encouraging women never to fear this demanding journey. We not only teach mothers to engage in holistic exercises but also guide them to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet that nourishes the soul and feeds their bodies with beneficial minerals and vitamins. We take care of all the questions that might play in your mind, keeping you awake. Celebrate the new journey of motherhood and keep yourself prepared for the day. You are never alone in this as Rita Singha and her team are at your service – Especially after the COVID days, we have put more stress on online classes. Now from the comfort of your home gain access to engaging prenatal yoga online classes led by experienced instructors.

Postnatal care – Even after giving birth, the quest is not over. Remember, you are still breastfeeding. What you eat and whatever you engage in will directly impact your baby. Most think that joining a gym is enough to shed fat as your body has lost the vitamins that you need to gain. Learn how to get back in shape steadily and naturally with us. We are ready to offer you a month-on-month program.