Enhance your Rubik’s Cube Solving abilities with Logic 101

Since its inception in 1970, the Rubik’s cube has grabbed attention all across the globe. Its multiple colored faces and turning sections have driven every puzzle fanatic to pick it up and solve it. More than just a puzzle, it is a powerful tool that tickles the sensory receptors in the left side of your brain. Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, swimmer, or debater, this cube is the perfect tool to sharpen your intellect and cognitive abilities. Feel the satisfaction and joy of solving the cube with a flawless sequence –  Join our Rubik’s cube classes today! For those who cannot join the physical classes, Logic 101 brings Rubik’s Cube online classes! Yes, you heard that right.

Solving multiple colored faces and twists can be relatively daunting. At Logic 101, we teach kids accurate strategies that help them to solve the cube quicker than their peers. From logical reasoning, memory and improving spatial disparity to hand and eye coordination, the usefulness are endless. We stress introducing this world of cubing to your toddlers as they can pick up techniques quickly and effortlessly. Learning and mastering the Rubik’s Cube improves their cognitive, motor, and social skills.

If you are striving to learn the benefits of manipulating the cube, Rubik’s Cube Logic 101 is the right place. From basic steps to complex solving, our team of leading cube masters will guide you thoroughly throughout the program. We ensure a fun and educative experience for each of our students. We love when children come to us with multiple questions. As an educator, we find immense joy when they come to us confused and leave gratified. Encourage your children to participate in our comprehensive 5-point program Rubik’s Cube classes.