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In the 21st century, sportswear for women has broken the narrow compartments to create its new definition in the world of sports. With increased illness, pollution, and more people adopting an unhealthy lifestyle, activewear acts as a positive symbol and a reminder for women to take utmost care of their minds and bodies. In our drive to provide comfy and stylish garments, SportPort Active was born. In this male-dominated field, women have created their own space. More and more females have been contributing in different spheres of sports. Be it Serena Williams or they have shattered the clutches of societal conventions and emerged to be a powerful symbol of every stage of her achievement. Life is not a sprint but a marathon – With tiny measures, you can achieve the ultimate fitness.

Why buy a basic sports bra when you can buy the best sports bra or yoga leggings from SportPort Active? Our bras allow your personality to shine brightly while giving you a snug fit. Each stitch and hook is strategically positioned below the waistband for maximum comfort during all your endeavors. It is padded with a silky smooth lining that reduces friction and encourages you to dance, hop, and skip. The mesh fabric is moisture-wicking, suitable, and durable. Whether you stretch, squat, or simply walk, participate in every activity with your chin up and a smile. What makes SportPort Active different? Why is it not like any other brand? Let us tell you why. We do not focus solely on style but on functionality. To us, the safety of every woman is of prime importance. Losing her mother to cancer, our founder began designing garments that surpass ordinary sportswear. With cutting-edge electromagnetic protected (EMF) pockets, it showed the world that activewear can be safe and fashionable.

Pair burgundy yoga leggings with a cropped wrap top for the perfect glam look. Ditch boring and plain looks and choose from a range of fashion-forward and performance-driven sports line-up that matches your unique taste. Fashion is subjective, no two individuals have the same choice. Leading engineers from the US have curated select pieces for you that give you the freedom to express your true self. A cropped top made from wrap knit technology, its drape falls gently at the back, creating a gorgeous silhouette. The cropped wrap top adds the oomph, while the burgundy yoga leggings reflect boldness and passion. Our clothes are intent-based with zero comprise on comfort and beauty. Your personality is your unique quotient. Remember, it is not about what you wear but how you carry yourself.

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