Embrace your new journey with Pregnancy 101

Pregnancy is an awe-transformative journey that every woman goes through. It goes beyond these nine months. Every day and minute, she ought to take care of herself and her baby. Keeping your mind and body active and fit in these stages is not only necessary but beneficial. You need to eat wisely and exercise regularly for a regular and healthy delivery. Pregnancy 101 began its journey to support expectant mothers and ensure they don’t feel scared and anxious. Starting this remarkable business in Australia, Pregnancy 101 has effectively crafted its place in India. Today, we can proudly say that we have spread our wings to prominent cities in India like Delhi, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Surat. Yes, you heard that right, don’t think twice, join our classes today.

Pregnancy exercise classes One of the main elements of childbirth educators focus on is yoga and exercise. We understand that women in different stages experience unique challenges. Therefore, every class is designed to meet their individual needs and requirements. These classes are coached by professionals who know what is best for you. Trust the skills and expertise of world-renowned trainers. Why is exercising so important? It is crucial to keep your body at optimum energy levels and promote fetal growth and positioning for a smooth nine-month experience. Get rid of the constant pain and discomfort you might feel during this transition. A healthy diet and comprehensive exercise plan will keep you relaxed.

Prenatal exercise classes Discover the beauty of engaging in healthy movements. Aimed to improve the harmony between you and your child the prenatal yoga classes are created to enhance your strength and reduce stress. From the ancient epochs, it has been observed that yoga has helped build an active lifestyle. Unleash every inner chakra and foster a deeper connection with your child. For those finding it difficult to travel to physical classes, Pregnancy 101 has introduced its pregnancy yoga online lessons. With one click, access an array of sessions. You not only rebuild your physical aspects but learn to delve deep into embracing this new experience.

Pregnancy is not only a journey but a new lease of life for both the mother and the baby. It shows how strong and resilient a woman is. Celebrate the wonders of being a mother with us. We don’t just guide expectant mothers to give birth but teach them to create a wholesome connection with little joy. We have helped over 5,000 mothers over 12 years and aim to continue this journey for a lifetime. Share your experience with other mothers in this wholesome community. Trust the exemplary knowledge and expertise of childbirth educators and trainers – Your pregnancy experience is in safe hands.

Know what our clients have to say, “Without the knowledge gained at P101, I would have done so many things incorrectly, which would have had a long-term impact on me & my child”.