An Amazon Guideline that you can leverage: White Background Product Images

The guidelines that Amazon provides may seem technical and sometimes inconvenient to sellers. Amazon is a highly customer-friendly platform and the rules it imposes on sellers enable better customer engagement. Abiding by Amazon guidelines will prove to be extremely beneficial leverage that lets sellers align with Amazon’s motto to increase their brand value and affinity. Rules for Amazon product photos like white background editing and pixel dimensions allow sellers to optimize customer interaction on their product detail pages and Amazon storefronts.

With professional product image editing services, sellers can make their mark in the Amazon marketplace with brilliant product and lifestyle images.

Why do you need white background editing for your Amazon product images?

One of the major concerns that a seller faces is, how is their product going to be visible among the thousands of other competitor products? As a seller, you must ensure that your product images convey optimally within the window of a few seconds. White background images make a good professional first impression. It is a minimalist presentation of your product, wherein customers can focus on the product features and qualities. White background editing makes your product image pop and sets it in the point of focus. Customers can view your product against a neutral background without any distractions. White background product images can be used not only on Amazon but on other eCommerce platforms too.

White Background Editing

Professional Image Editing Services for Seamless White Background Images

Images are not just about clicking and uploading to your product detail page. The technical aspects of Amazon images may be overwhelming, and this is why you need professional product image editing services to help you click and enhance images that add to your brand value.

Cart N’ Camera: Creating product visuals that sell more

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