Why Must Sellers Create Amazon Storefronts?

Hey Amazon Seller! Did you register your brand on Amazon via the Amazon brand registry? If yes, it is time to unlock the benefits of being a brand-registered seller. You just opened the access to create Amazon storefronts. Creating your brand storefront on Amazon is an essential part of your sales and branding strategies. Not only do Amazon storefronts generate more sales, but it also uplifts your brand image and value. 

What are the benefits of creating a storefront with the help of EBC services?

  • You can show multiple products on the same page
  • You can add promotional information and details about new product launches
  • Create Amazon storefronts to improve customer retention and brand loyalty
  • Drives traffic and leads from external as well as internal sources
  • Optimized Amazon storefronts can help you climb up the SERP ladder organically
  • It provides an excellent user experience for both, mobile as well as desktop users
  • With EBC services, your Amazon storefront can be an excellent branding tool 

How to create an Amazon storefront?

Step 1: Before you get set to create Amazon storefronts, make sure that you have all your brand assets ready. With all your branding assets assembled, you can easily streamline your efforts and create a robust storefront-building strategy.

Step 2: Creating an Amazon storefront is all about creatively building a brand image. Use your storefront as a canvas to paint your brand vision and brand story. With EBC services, you can add excellent infographics, product images, and brand videos to build your storefront around customer interests. 

Step 3: When you create an Amazon storefront, you must work according to a robust strategy to ensure more traffic, conversion, and sales. Build your storefront by centering on customer concerns. It will help improve the number of confident purchases and also create a credible brand image. Add relevant, creative, and informative content for better customer engagement and retention. 

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