When Can You Claim For Amazon FBA Seller Reimbursements?

When you are an Amazon seller, there are many things you have to take care to ensure that you sit on profits. You just cannot remain idle for a while and expect revenues and profits. 

From the moment you set up Amazon storefront, you will come across things such as product listing optimization, keyword research, content creation, inventory management, and so on. In addition to that, when you don’t claim for damaged or lost inventories, you might add up losses in your account as well. 

That is why we will cover Amazon FBA seller reimbursements in this post. We all know that Amazon reimburses sellers in many cases. Let’s check out when Amazon reimburses when customers are also involved in the process. 

When a customer returns an order

The first instance when Amazon is liable to reimburse to the seller is when customers return their orders. It is the most common reason for claims. Now, customers might return orders in many cases. When can you claim a reimbursement from Amazon? 

When customers receive a refund, but don’t return the item

In most cases, when a customer gets a refund, he will return the order. However, the picture is not as white as you think. Sometimes, customers don’t return the order even if they are refunded. In such cases, you can claim a reimbursement from Amazon. 

When customers don’t return the original item

As we have discussed above, sometimes, customers ask for a replacement item, but even if they get it, they don’t return the original item. In that case, sellers can ask for a refund from Amazon. 

When the returned product is not recorded

Furthermore, sometimes, customers return the original product, but Amazon fails to add in their inventory record. If such a case arises, sellers can ask for a reimbursement. 

When the refund amount paid to customers is wrong

Sometimes, Amazon pays the incorrect price or double amount to customers for their refund requests. If it happens, you can claim the reimbursement. 

When Amazon forgets to send you a refund for restocking fees

For certain returns, Amazon charges a 20% restocking fee from customers. Now, the protocol is that first Amazon will deduct the amount from your account and then send a refund once the restocking is done. However, sometimes, Amazon might forget to send you a refund amount. Then, you can ask for Amazon FBA seller reimbursements. You can hire a consultant to do the claim on behalf of you.