What is Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content?

With online sales a bigger part of the business than actual physical store sales, it becomes very important to present your products online in a manner that is very catchy, visually appealing and sellable. 

A picture can never replace the real thing but the picture could be made to provide details that can almost match the real physical objects.

Amazon is providing its services to more than 3 million sellers worldwide. That says about the competition within it self. Not to mention other ecommerce stores. However to get ahead Amazon provides certain services to it retailers like improving and enhancing their product content online so that they stand out from the rest in the crowded space. Amazons EBC service is the solution designed by them to address issue. 

Amazon EBC lets small retailers to make their content standout from other sellers so as to have a unique presence in the online market. It is the combined process of enhancing their products visually and descriptively to entice the consumers and give them a better exposure online.  This a free service provided by them to all sellers and vendors. Its like having your own space within Amazon.

Another service provided free of cost by Amazon to its sellers is Amazon keyword research tool, this is aimed from the SEO point of view. It lets the sellers decide the most relevant keywords in association with their product listing. This enables the consumers to find the most appropriate results in their search query when they are looking for a product to buy. A good keyword is essential for the product to show up in the organic search results online and it lets the seller to have better conversion rates. With so much competition within Amazon itself, the small retailers have to stand out to make a difference, choosing the right keyword is the start of that process.