What is Amazon Seller Reconciliation?

Availing FBA service is a great option for sellers looking for inventory space and packing plus shipping services. But while your products are in the FBA inventory, there might be damages and frequent displacements of the items. Reconciling your FBA shipments becomes an important task. Through Amazon seller reconciliation, you can scan your reports for discrepancies. It is a necessary accounting activity that helps you to keep your inventory in check and also tracks your payment movements. It will help you to seek Amazon FBA reimbursements and keep an account of every penny. 
Along with other techniques like Amazon product photo editing, sponsored ad management, and product research, Amazon seller reconciliation is a necessary step towards maintaining your Amazon account health and success.

How does Amazon seller reconciliation help?

  • Through cross-checking of inventory reports and transaction logs 
  • By checking for order payments and managing customer returns 
  • By scanning for money leakages like overcharged fees
  • Helps make a valid claim for reimbursements

How to reconcile your Amazon reports?

  • Log in to your Amazon seller central account and click on Inventory
  • Under the Inventory segment, click on Manage FBA shipments 
  • Once you click, your Shipping Queue will be displayed 
  • Click on Shipment name and click reconcile 
  • Under the View Discrepancies and Request Research, you will be given your account reconciliation indicators
The given method is the automated way of reconciling it. Chances are you might miss out on certain errors due to automation. Like your other Amazon product photo editing and account management services, use professional help from FBA consultants for Amazon seller reconciliation.

Reconcile with FBA Refunds

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