Walk your glam with the best sportswear from SportPort Active

SportPort Active curates highly functional and stylish pieces that deserve a space in your sports wardrobe. Enter the battleground with your armour and battle against your unhealthy lifestyle. Welcome to the land of contemporary and high-performance sportswear that goes beyond traditional ones. To achieve the best version of yourself it is vital to select an outfit that not only protects you but also unlocks your inner confidence and prepares you to outperform in every workout session. Let us introduce you to our burgundy workout leggings, cargo pocket leggings, and set active sports bra – Timeless Style and Impeccable Details. Made with love and devotion SportPort Actives’s activewear surpasses the expectation of any athlete. With its roots in science and research, these pieces will keep you comfortable and relaxed.

The Set Active Sports bra is made from a lightweight mesh fabric that reflects a seamless blend of comfort and support. A steep neck front, elaborate mesh lining and a sexy rear design captivate the minds of others. A 4-way stretch fabric with interlined padding encourages you to stretch, jump and dance with conviction. Do you fear participating in exercise? Do you feel shy exercising in front of others? Keeping your composure in mind, we have made it certain that the bra is moulded and wireless with removable pads. A soft underpadding keeps friction away, ensuring your breast stays intact with zero bounce. You can stretch it as tight and loose with Soft 2″ elastic adjustable bands. Crafted in the US, it’s assembled by world-renowned engineers. From XS small to medium to large, it fits everybody seamlessly. Available in statement colours like burgundy and back, walk your glam to every class you attend.

Burgundy workout leggings and cargo pocket leggings – The Setis Yoga Pants have changed the facets of women’s activewear. With a sculpted matte finish the compression leggings keeps your thigh muscles pressed, improving your blood flow and oxygen. It Is more than just a pant, it is a trusting and flattering fit that accentuates your curves and muscle – Step up your oomph game. With a drop of vibrant hue which is associated with warmth and strength, it mirrors your most profound passion and resilience. Learn the joy of pushing your limits to the maximum. To become the best athlete it is important not to compartmentalise yourself into narrow boxes of comfort. Only those who move out of their comfort zone and face every challenge with determination and compassion can reach their desired goal. A double-patented EMF pocket placed on both sides protects you from harmful radiation emitted from your smartphones. This radioactive emission can prove incredibly damaging to your body. It comes with moisture-wicking properties, 50 plus UV protection, zero pressure points and 40 plus washes.

How to care?

Machine wash cold, line dry, or machine dry on low heat. Please do not bleach, iron, or dry clean. Do not use fabric softener.