Unleash your inner Rubik’s cube champion – Enroll in Logic 101 classes today!

When kids look at Rubik’s cube, they usually conceive it as just another toy. At Logic 101, we are here to bust this notion and educate both kids and adults about its benefits in cognitive awareness and logical thinking. In this modern world, with constant changes and technological advancements, it is becoming difficult to keep up with its complexities and challenges. It requires alertness and awareness that originates in your left brain. Did you know that solving the Rubik’s cube can help to boost your child’s cognitive abilities? Stay focused, improve public speaking skills, and gain confidence with Logic 101. Explore the fascinating world of Rubik’s cube and learn the magic of solving it in 30 different ways.

Rubik’s cube classes – Conquer the skill of solving Rubik’s cube from our cube masters, where every turn teaches you something new. From understanding the basic steps involved in solving to advanced twin turns, we craft classes that fit everyone. After having trained over 2000 students in the last two years, our cube masters have helped students realize their inner potential and enhance their memory. Every student trained under our guidance always leaves the institute with the confidence that stays with them for a lifetime. Parents come to us saying how their child does not want to miss even a single class. From one-to-one demonstrations, engaging lessons, and a tailored approach, Logic 101 is your one-stop academy.

We also provide online classes for our Rubik fanatics. If you prefer to learn from the comfort of your home, Logic 101 has also rolled out a comprehensive remote class. We have crafted each of our five levels that will take you step-by-step till you reach the final level. From pyramids to mirrors, learn every type like a pro. Join our Rubik’s Cube classes online.