Trekkies, It’s Time to Upgrade to Functional Star Trek Products!

Are you still stuck with knock-off Star Trek products? Star Trek set the pioneer to the tech dreams of many during the 1960s. With interspace spaceships, translators, computers, and communicating devices, the Star Trek series let people into the vision of what the future would look like! Don’t you wonder sometimes looking at James Kirk’s Star Trek communicator whether mobile phones were inspired by Star Trek or did Gene Roddenberry time travel before coming up with the show! Hey Trekkies, you might want to level up your tech level because it’s 2021 and functional Star Trek products are here! 

Get the 2021 latest edition Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator from The Next Generation at Fametek. 

Star Trek The Next Generation 2021 Edition Bluetooth Communicator Badge

With the latest Bluetooth V5 technology and sensitive microphone, the Star Trek combadge will please the audiophile in you! The silver-finish Delta looks classy and chic. With a sleek replica of the Star Trek insignia, it also comes with the iconic chirp sound notification from Star Trek. It offers super easy and high-tech hands-free calling with a single button push to attend calls, play music, podcasts, and even access messages. With the Bluetooth V5, it keeps you connected within a range of 33 to 300 feet and lets you communicate like your favorite 24th-century crew members. Wear the Star Trek Bluetooth communicator and level up your cosplay game. It has strong magnets and you can affix the combadge to your chest just like the Starfleet crew.  You can connect your Star Trek Badge to your mobile phone and access Siri and Google assistance. 

Get more such amazing Star Trek products at Fametek!

Other functional StarTrek products to add to your collection!

Fametek brings to you Star Trek qi wireless charging pads with an illuminated command logo, Delta insignia, and the Starfleet crew logo themes. Also, get the coolest accessory for trips and long drives with the Star Trek slim dual charging power bank. A Star Trek Enterprise replica speaker that hums you to sleep with warp music, sounds so cool! Get yours at Fametek! 

Fametek: Bringing you closer to the sci-fi world

With creative genius and technological advancement, Fametek blurs the lines between the Sci-fi world and reality with functional Star Trek products. Get the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator and wear it like it’s the year 2349.