Train to be a Rubik’s Cube champion

Unleash your inner puzzle solver, and learn the tricks to solve the most complex Rubik’s Cube via specialized one-on-one Rubik’s Cube training. From understanding basic steps to decoding complex algorithms, Logic 101 teaches you every secret in a fun yet informative way. Rubik’s classes are not about un-puzzling each cube it is a cognitive expanding experience. Improve your agility and sharpness, the benefit lies in the process. Instill a problem-solving capacity and boost your aptitude and logical reasoning capacities. It represents life – Like life in each stage, you might face new twists and turns. Even the most complicated issues that life throws at you, can be unraveled with well-balanced strategies and small steps.

The Learning Pathway of Rubik’s Cube, led by world-renowned cube masters has curated comprehensive classes that suit every child.

Let us explore the different training modules –

  • Cube Explorer – Tap the basics – If you are a beginner, this program is the best for you. Learn the trick of solving the Cube Explorer. Just like basics in mathematics is extremely important to understand complex problems. This course helps you to build a strong base in Rubik’s cube learning.
  • One step up – Cube Master – Push your creatine reasoning capacities to the next level in this 2-level program. We call it out-of-the-box sessions that cause you to learn to tap the ability to solve rare Rubik’s cubes.
  • Speed it up – Speed Cuber – This level requires a different set of cognitive abilities. Enhance your hand and eye coordination to the fullest.
  • Winner alert! Cube Champion – The final program of this 5-point module, is only meant for those who have the passion to be the best.

Join our Rubik’s Cube classes online – Limited seats are available!