Track Your Amazon Account Health and Claim Your Reimbursements

Amazon optimization is a crucial step to staying within the wide Amazon network. The one word to describe the online marketplace is dynamic. It is ever-changing and adds on more and more sellers for increased competition. To stay discoverable and visible among Amazon competitors, Amazon optimization is a must. Be it your product listing, sponsored ads, or Amazon storefront designs, optimization boosts performance and drives convertible traffic to your pages that you can capitalize on. It promotes overall account health and helps your keep a track of all aspects. 

To maintain your FBA Amazon account health, keep a track of your Amazon FBA inventory reimbursements. It saves your business from unnoticed money leakages and keeps a check on your payment movements. Let’s look at the reasons when you can seek Amazon FBS inventory reimbursement. 

Why Amazon may owe you an Amazon FBA Reimbursement?

  • Lost or misplaced units at the Amazon warehouse
  • When inventory is damaged at the FBA warehouse
  • When a purchase is refunded, but the customer does not return the item or when it does not reach back to the warehouse
  • When an item is misplaced or lost shipments
  • When inbound items are damaged by the shipper
  • When a wrong item is returned to the inventory

With Amazon optimization services, keep a check on FBA account health and track any kind of discrepancy in your reports and logs. 

How to claim your FBA reimbursement?

  • Reconcile and cross-check your Amazon inventory report details for discrepancies
  • Once your note down the money leakages unaccounted in your inventory reports, compile the information for your claim. 
  • Then you must prepare a valid claim with precise information and proof to substantiate your claim
  • Log on to your account and go to the reconcile tab, and submit your claim for the discrepancies under the FBA policy
  • In case of damaged items, place a claim through the Contact Us segment in Seller Central
  • Provide the Amazon shipment ID, proof of inventory ownership, and proof of delivery
  • Wait patiently, and once Amazon accepts your claim, track your reimbursement progress to get your money

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