Tips on How to Make a Valid Claim for Amazon Seller Refunds

As an FBA seller, you must be already familiar with how FBA works and Amazon seller refunds. It is a simple solution for sellers who face storage and shipment challenges. You sell, and the logistical efforts are all by Amazon. So are the logistical errors on Amazon’s part. Do you pay for your loss? No, with regular auditing of inventory reports and sales logs, you can look out for these hidden mistakes. Under the FBA reimbursement policy, you can seek Amazon seller refunds to seal the reconciliation gaps.

While you might be busy handling the other aspects of your business, it is necessary to keep a watch on your inventory reports. Leave it up to an expert Amazon consultant to monitor your records regularly and scan for discrepancies. From finding out refund-worthy errors to filing a claim, your Amazon consultant will do it all.

When are sellers eligible for an Amazon refund?

• If the item lost or damaged is registered under FBA at the moment

• Item complies with the requirements prescribed by Amazon FBA

• The item is not under the prohibited list

• The item is not post-expiry or pending for disposal under request

• Item is not defective

• The customer did not cause damage to the item

• Item adheres to Amazon FBA inventory requirements

• No gaps between shipping plan listings and current stock

Here are some tips for filing a valid claim for a refund:

• It is always advisable to opt for manual claim filing for valid claims. While automated claims do find reconciliation leakages, the claims may be incorrect many times. Amazon may suspend accounts that file automated claims.

• Create templates for better information conveyance and save them for later use.

• Find inconsistencies worthy of refunds and precisely mention in the claim with substantial evidence. Insufficiently analyzed claims can lead to account suspension too.

• Always write professional and precise emails and stick to the point.

• Be patient and do not file multiple claims. Multiple claims can also end up in account suspension.

• Keep updated and follow the claim process patiently.

It can be exhausting for a seller to do it all alone. That’s the last thing a seller would want to be after a day of managing marketing and sales. Hire an Amazon consultant to take it up for you and yield the highest possible refund.

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