Things You Should Know About Amazon Sponsored Ads

Although Amazon Sponsored Products are intriguing and you may be aware that they can boost your sales, you might be hesitant to get started because it seems like there will be such a large learning curve. You will learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products in this post, including how Amazon Seller Management Services can help them to increase sales.

Explaining What Are Amazon Sponsored Products

Pay per click adverts for Amazon Sponsored Products are shown when a customer conducts a product search on Amazon. Adopting them has the benefit of making Sponsored Products look like search results and blend in with them. Each Sponsored Product has the word “sponsored” written in grey as you can see.

How These Sponsored Ads Work

Similar to Google Adwords, Sponsored Products target users based on keywords. Either manually enter the keywords or let Amazon do the searching for you. While in theory there are similarities between keyword-based targeting and AdWords, Amazon has a very different approach and different needs.

You only pay a per-click cost with Amazon Sponsored Ad Products when a customer clicks your advertisement. When customers click on your advertisements, they are immediately redirected to an Amazon product detail page where they may purchase from you. It is not feasible to direct consumers to another website using Amazon Sponsored Ads and Products.

There are prerequisites for taking part in the Sponsored Products program. Before starting, take sure to read Amazon’s overview. These conditions must be met:

  • An active Amazon professional seller account.
  • Listings of products in at least one of the available categories; • Products must be new. Used-goods advertising is not allowed.
  • You must offer the Buy Box for your product listings. If you create a Sponsored Products ad for a product listing that isn’t eligible for the Buy Box, your ad won’t be shown to Amazon customers. Ads that are ineligible are marked in Seller Central’s Campaign Manager under the Advertising tab.

There are other hundreds of things that would require attention to detail with Amazon Sponsored Ads. Hence, it is suggested that to increase visibility and sales, hire Amazon Listing Optimisation Services.