Stay fit and active in this transformative journey with Pregnancy 101

Pregnancy is a new journey not only for a child but for a mother too. Many times it makes you feel confused between what is good and what is bad for your body. This is where a professional comes into play. Pregnancy 101 started its journey with just 5 to 10 mothers and now, over 12 years, it has offered its support to 5000 expectant mothers. It is crucial to stay both physically and mentally fit. Unlike other centers, we offer a comprehensive plan that will help you sail smoothly through this nine-month journey. Free your brain from all the anxiety and worry, you have when you have pregnancy 101 at your service – Many problems, one solution. Join pregnancy fitness classes for your child.

Prenatal Yoga Classes Online

After seeing the massive demand for virtual batches, Pregnancy 101 has formulated special classes that anyone can access from the comfort of their home. What is rental yoga? Derived from the ancient civilizations of India, yoga has been a boon for mankind. With constant climate changes and food habits, it is even more important to keep yourself ready for the day. Each class is conducted by trainers who have gained years of experience helping expectant mothers. They don’t only prepare you to give birth but imbibe in you the confidence to embrace this journey with happiness. It’s easily accessible and super comfortable. Now with just a switch, you can enter into the land of exercise and the bliss of yoga.

With more and more working mothers joining our pregnancy yoga online classes, it fills us with immense joy when we see mothers smiling. Not every exercise is made for everybody. Every class is specifically curated to align with each trimester. Do not exert yourself. With smooth and gentle poses, you can enjoy every flow with the go. Without having to go all the way to physical classes, the lessons will come to you. We began these classes to make it as comfortable as possible for you. Pregnancy is a profound change, a new life, Pregnancy 101 will guide you every step of the way. For us, you are a family and not another client. Being a mother of two daughters herself, Rita Sighna is ready to help you navigate very easily.

Contact us on Zoom sessions for those who enjoy individual attention. You might have multiple questions running in your mind. Ask all the issues and problems that have been bothering you, we have answers to all of them. Be a part of the community of love, expectant mothers anticipating to meet their baby. You are not alone in this, with shared dreams and experiences, it showcase the immense strength that resides in you. There is no one more powerful than a mother.