Simple Guide to Clean Steel Straws at Home

Disposable straws are now being banned in most of the countries mainly due to the environmental hazards it may cause. Reusable eco-friendly cutlery is replacing this disposable cutlery in businesses and households. While it is good to use reusable cutlery, it is equally important to keep it clean. Here are some simple tips to clean the metal straws at home without much hassle.

Hot Water and Liquid Soap – This is one of the tried and tested remedies. All you need to do is dip your straw in hot water and soap solution. Hot water will remove all the oils and food particles from the straw. You can also use metal straw cleaning brush available in the market to clean the straw from inside.

Metal Straw Cleaning Brush – Cleaning brush that is specially designed for metal straws can be a great tool to use if you are using metal straws on regular basis. This will help you clean the inner walls of the straw and food residue.

Clean Regularly on Key Areas – Cutleries are cleaned mainly on the part where it touches mouth and then on other areas. It is also cleaned well at the area where it is dipped in the drink as the residue of the drink would accumulate germs in long run. It is good to clean the straw on regular basis to avoid accumulation of food.

Try Using Stretch Lids and Food Covers

Now when you are already using steel straw efficiently, you may also try using stretch lids and food covers that fit all your bowls easily. It is good to store food in refrigerator or table top. These lids are available in various sizes and are easy to clean just like the metal straw.

Make the right choices and nourish the environment for generations to come.