Silicone Mats for Baking – Usage and Care Tips

Baking is an art that can is supported by creative tools. There are many baking aids available in the market in both reusable and disposable forms. Silicone mats for baking are also manufactured from the best quality silicone to line up the baking trays. They are better than parchment paper as you can use these sheets multiple times. The mat is easy to clean and handy whenever you want.

Uses of Silicone Mat

As mentioned earlier, the key use of a silicone mat is to line the baking tray in place of parchment paper. Apart from that, this mat can be used on the worktop to knead the dough, roll the cookies, cover the cake in the oven, shape up the cookie, and for many other baking needs. This mat keeps your worktop clean. Just like reusable metal straws, silicone mat has also made a major contribution to the environment.

Tips to Use Silicone Mat

Using a silicone mat is as easy as using parchment paper. You can line the baking tray with the mat and place the cookies or any stuff for baking. It is good to spray some oil or non-stick spray on the mat to avoid sticking to food. It can also be used on the countertop by laying it flat to roll or knead the dough. This can save you from a lot of cleaning that comes after dough kneading.

How to Clean?

Cleaning this mat is quite easy and you don’t need any special tools or liquids. Just take some liquid soap or dishwashing liquid with water and clean the mat. Don’t scratch it much as it will damage the material. Lay the mat flat on the surface and let it air dry.

Silicone mats are easy to find online and are sold under various brand names. Buy the one that suits your budget and has the best customer reviews.