Showcase your Brand and Enhance your Product Listing

Amazon has proved to be the best go-to platform when it comes to e-commerce or online shopping, not only for buyers but also for sellers. As a seller or vendor, you must explore how you can make your product stand out among your rivals. Just being registered as a seller or vendor is not enough; engaging customers in your product is crucial. Products of any brand or any type can be listed on Amazon, but the brand visibility must be managed by sellers and brand owners to gain more customers. This purpose can be achieved with the help of Amazon enhanced brand content.

With Amazon EBC, sellers can modify the way their product looks on the listing. An essence of creativity can be added to the product description on Amazon using enhanced brand content or a+ content. EBC is a customizable tool used by registered sellers on Amazon to add to the value of the product listing by using images, graphics, and videos in a structured manner. In other words, EBC is an organized and useful way of improving the quality of product descriptions by attaching a touch of the visual element. One of the leading tricks and techniques of digital marketing, EBC, helps to build brand recognition while increasing web traffic for brands.

EBC must be approached for communicating specific information about your products and adding additional specifications that are not listed in the main page description. Where you feel your product has a lot of competition or your brand is new, EBC must help. As of now, Enhanced brand content services on Amazon are free of cost as they are emerging as an innovative technique. This might change with increasing popularity and enhanced conversion for a noticeable number of brands.

Among the intense competition in the market for online stores, it is not easy for every brand to make its presence known. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to beat rivals and earn a spot in the relevant market. But that is not the case for all brands; those who choose to go with Amazon enhanced brand content services manage to stand out and portray their product listings in a more effective and displayable manner.

Don’t always work hard; work smart as these brands did!

The smartness shown by these brands was proven when they chose EBC and a+ content for Amazon, and the outcome they received showcases the correctness of their decision. Here are some Amazon enhanced brand content examples that gained assistance from Amazon enhanced brand content designers:

  1. BioGanix

In the broad multivitamin products market, BioGanix, a dietary supplement seller, has touched the skies with the help of enhanced brand content on Amazon. BioGanix saw a rise of 170% in the interaction with customers in just a month by investing in Amazon’s listing optimization services. Maybe it’s because the Amazon infographics and a+ content effectively classify the advantages by using pictures and illustrations simply and attractively. Like what BioGanix has done with its products, you can also raise visibility and web traffic for your listed products on Amazon.

  1. Touchstone

The home products brand famous for its Electric Fireplace market, faced difficulty in dealing with Amazon first. Then through EBC services, within a month, it noticed an over 30% increase in its engagement and interaction online. The EBC approach they chose demonstrated benefits and kinds of product offerings on their listings. They have released information that suggests they offer free installation services and two types of heating options in products. Touchstone knew what their customers were looking for; they advertised the necessary elements like hassle-free and free-of-cost installation and grabbed their customers for life.

  1. Whoosh

In the segment of products like screen protectors and screen guards for phones, Whoosh has proved its significance effectively. Whoosh has been proven better than its rivals, of course, as it has seen over 400% increase in conversion rates. With the use of smart and intelligent infographics, Whoosh has communicated its services, the process of use, benefits, and strengths to its customers on a comprehensive platform. They show how brilliant layout and smart marketing are helping in the enhancement of customer loyalty and sales through Amazon enhanced brand content listings.

  1. Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas leads this popular and luxury-oriented beauty fashion brand. Joanna Vargas made an incredibly intelligent move of using her EBC list to imitate a publication for fashion. The technical styling of its enhanced digital images is both elegant and fascinating, designed to make customers believe that a magazine is showcasing their items. The EBC used here provides beauty as a center of attraction, which is how they sell their product using relevant text for their text boxes.

Enhanced brand content services operate in a pattern; it’s always reliable

Expert-made and skilfully designed brand content can make your product stand out and perform in the broader market efficiently. Enticing graphics, engaging content, e-commerce product photography, and optimization of the product page is the forte of professional EBC services.

The pattern these services follow is very reliable and trustworthy. Executing the pattern without the assistance of experts is quite impossible. Let’s see how these agencies carry out EBC services.

Once the seller gives access to the agency to perform EBC services for him, the designers who are skilled for the purpose start by allocating the project identification number, the next step will be product and market research for ongoing trends to keep the product listing relevant. Based on the researched trend, the experts will start designing the product page. Of course, since the seller is the ultimate king of the business, the draft of this design will be shown to him. After reviewing the draft, if the seller is approved, the design goes to the next stage. In case there are modifications suggested by the seller, further changes are made. Once approved, the designs will be uploaded to the seller’s central account on Amazon.