Sell on Amazon Confidently with Expert Assistance at Your Service

The Amazon Brand registry is a powerful tool that allows sellers and vendors to protect their trademarks and intellectual property from hijackers and other unauthorised sellers and vendors. Empower your brand by enrolling it in a simple registry program. You can avail of additional tools like Vines, Live, and other premium tools that give you the edge over other labels.

Let us tell you how you can register your account in a few simple ways –

  • You will need an active trademark for all the countries you want your products to be placed in.
  • Use text and image-based information within.
  • Make sure your brand name does not overlap with any other.
  • Choose the preferred category and sub-category that best describes your product.
  • Fill in every detail in the form and wait for the Amazon official to give you the green light.

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content design enhances your existing product listings to new definitions. Today, known as Amazon A Plus Content, it revolutionised the appeal of a product image. Designers and content writers use their skills to curate magical experiences through images and descriptions – It’s simple yet impressive. Let your customers engage themselves in the land of Amazon.

Sponsored Product ads – The Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns are keyword-based search ads that are the base of PPC. Via targeting keywords, you can showcase products across the platform. Skimming through the endless products, enjoying an easy-to-use interface and best quality products, you are not just providing them with what they need but weaving emotional connections with people. The game-changer is the accurate budget allocation and perfect bidding.