Sell on Amazon the right way – Collaborate with a specialist now!

Amazon Brand Registry is a specifically designed tool introduced by Amazon to protect your brand and build a presence. Once you have successfully registered your account in the Brand Registry programme, your account gets automatically safeguarded from the perpetrators and unauthorised sellers and vendors waiting to use your efforts and intellectual properties. Whether you sell in the US or Australia, you need to leverage this tool. Why let others control your valuable tools and resources when they belong to you?

Some of the prime advantages of having a Brand Registry –

  • Create and protect – Safeguard your brand comprehensively. You can report violations and infringements. Xperts will contact the Amazon support team for every issue.
  • Tap every tool – Be it stores, sponsored ads, vines, EBC to live, enjoy each instrument to the maximum. Enrich your customer’s shopping experience with Amazon A Plus Content.
  • No search with no fame! Reign on the global landscape with complete control of product listings. You can now supercharge your FBA descriptions to improve visibility.
  • Reporting and metric reading – You don’t have to do it when experts utilise Amazon’s first-party insights and data tools.

Amazon storefronts – Did you know that sellers and vendors can now own their mini online shop? It is even customisable. Make sure your store is a special place where your customers can fetch products in a go. It should be as simple and uncomplicated as possible. An easy-to-skim store is directly related to higher sales and visibility. Designers will choose the best layouts and titles to place each content and image. To use the storefront, you will need a brand-registered account. Add products, weave content, highlight unique product features, and publish it for the world to witness.

Know why you should craft an Amazon Storefront – Everything in a nutshell!

  • Create your own identity – Don’t get lost during this hustle and bustle. Via logos and custom headlines to menus give product information a touch of your brand.
  • Brand visibility 2X – Gain search authority, let search engines index, and every spider crawl in.
  • Built brand trust – Within this digital realm everything depends on the customer’s confidence and trust.
  • Promote products the right way – With social media promotions and other aspects, push your brand to the top placement.

Amazon Enhance Brand Content – Nowadays known as Amazon A Plus Content, it is a powerful tool to present product information. Employ enriched images and content. However, the real deal lies in the placement of each element. Amazon has offered its predesigned templates, making the entire curation process easy. Let your customers know the way of your brand which is possible with A Plus Content. Collaborate with top-notch agency – It is what connects your brand with customers. “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos.