Reimbursement Claims For Small Sellers From Amazon

People at Amazon do a pretty decent job of getting things around to the right people hats off to them but still size of the company makes it a logistics nightmare, so every now and then they mess up. This is a big problem for small sellers who use them for business. If you have ever been shortchanged by Amazon you can always use the services of FBA reimbursements to insure the funds get back to you.

They have a 6 point audit process, which break down into 19 checkpoints to maximize your refunds. The main reasons for getting reimbursed by Amazon could be as follows 

  1. Lost or misplaced inventory
  2. Damaged inventory
  3. Returns and refunds
  4. Overcharged or incorrect FBA fees
  5. Inbound shipments missing inventories=
  6. Other reasons

Once they get your login credentials to access the FBA sales transactions, their Refund Manager import the complete sales log, which then is put through their reimbursement process by product research amazon. Which is part automated, part manual and after making sure about everything do they make a case with Amazon cautiously so as not to clog their system. And finally every claim is followed religiously to the end till you get a refund.

They charge a 12% commission after you receive your funds in your bank at that rate they are one of the lowest priced reimbursement services out there in the market. You can go online and check them out see their customer reviews and the feedback and see all the case studies that they have done and also see the markets which they operate in. At there price it will be impossible to find a better  service which such a return percentage. They offer a 100% verifiable transparent process at one of the lowest rates in the market.