Reduce Customer Returns With Amazon Listing Optimization!

Is an increasing number of customer returns a rising cause of concern for you? You probably need to focus on Amazon listing optimization

What could be the reasons for increasing customer returns?

How amazing would it be if customers would always be satisfied with your product and never return it? No more issues of negative reviews and running around for customer-returns-related FBA inventory reimbursements. Well, it sounds like a dream because zero customer returns is a nearly impossible feat. Some customers may return the item because of the wrong size or color, while others may have received faulty or damaged items. Or maybe the product simply did not match their expectations! 

What to do?

Now, as sellers, you barely have any control over customer preferences and change of mind. However, you must focus on improving your product quality and Amazon listing optimization. Often, customers return items stating “wrong size or color”. Some reviews might even mention that the shown product does not match with what they received. Such reasons and complaints are consequences of inaccurate product information and details. With Amazon listing optimization, tweak your listings to avoid negative feedback and low ratings. 
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3 Tips For Amazon listing optimization

Product title: The first written product information that the customers eye is the product title. Optimize it with your brand name and crisply mention your product highlights. 
Quality product images: Make your product images the star of your listing. Add attractive HD images that offer a clear and realistic picture of what your product is. Amazon listing optimization is all about efficiently conveying the right product information. So, abide by the guidelines and avoid manipulation.
Bullets and description: Add correct and relevant product information only. Ensure that the content is keyword-rich, easy to read, and eye-catchy. Avoid adding promotional or misleading information. 
The perfection of Amazon Listing Optimization lies in the continuous tweaking! 
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